Walmart complaint: Racial profiling

on 09 October 2022 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was at the walmart on US 40 HWY with 2 items in my hand and my receipt when a associate insisted on seeing my receipt and inspecting it to make sure my 2 items was what was on my receipt. While she was detaining me other white customers were exiting the store without showing her any receipt of purchase. After I was released I stood at the exit and observed the same associate detain several people of color and people of asian and mexican origin. I asked her, didn’t she ask the white customers for see their receipt? Her response was, “leave this store, your too old to ask me that”. “Go some place else”. I went to talk with the store manager! The store manager stated, “I hear this all the time, there is no problem here”. “Just leave us alone”.

Suggested solution:

Reprimand the store associate and the store manage. Then make it a policy to either check peoples receipt like Sam’s without exceptions or not at ALL. No body needs to be fired. In my field as a medical professional I would have been fired on the spot with a complaint like that. In my field as a nurse and as a veteran we went above and beyond the call of duty. This Walmart at 11601 E US Highway 40 Independence, MO. 64133 T 1530 hours on October 9, 2022 was very poor at the main entrance. I returned to the same Walmart 25 minuets later and went through the grocery store entrance. That associate showed the true Walmart spirit, just like the TV commercial, bright and cheerful. The other associate and the store manage should ask this one how she stays cheerful.

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