Walmart complaint: Incompetent customer service

Complaint from winston825 reported on 24 August 2023 about Walmart

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My complaint:

August 12 found shelf at Dekalb Walmart. Salesperson said order online can get one quickly. I did came on Monday. Opened Box. Broken shelf pieces missing dirty and many scratches. Since online order called customer service. He said he will pickup and replace in 3 days. He explained 3 days to pickup return when it gets to Walmart 72 hours for refund. They will then reship. Requested manager (4 times). Manager willing to work with me. He was going to refund money now and reorder a new shelf. He said I will get it at 7pm from the dekalb store. Called delivery she said I’m scheduled for delivery by 7pm. At 7pm I called Walmart shipping office in dekalb. Spoke to manager. Was pushing me to ship product. I said no I don’t want that. Next day have FedEx message delivery from walmart. Opened my PayPal they charged me for another shelf. Delivery Wednesday out for delivery 3 days.

Must made20-30 calls to FedEx walmart and Walgreens. 3 days calling over and over looking for package. Customer service at walmart states nothing I can do. The package will be returned in3 -4 days you’ll be credit. 72 hours you’ll get your refund totally unacceptable if I return at Walmart card credit it instantly. The customer service guy refused to tell me where on hold. Ask for manger same answer. Called back FedEx had every department looking for package. Walgreens called found package. No box scratched up Walgreens said be no box it had been missed.

What kind of company ship without a box who. I literally had to take to Walmart Dekalb. Manager was able sorted thing out. She returned my money at that time. I had to lift that out of car and bring in. I have 4 slipped discs and it was a very painful experience. Walgreens put it in car. I was told if you need that kind of help schedule with curbside pickup. Called won’t help till the next day. I’m expecting a response

Suggested solution:

Refund me the shef I was able to pickup on august 14. Which also has a poor quality. Cracked shelf also

Walmart complaint Incompetent customer service
Walmart complaint Incompetent customer service
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