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My complaint:

To preface, I am an elderly , crochety woman .
I went shopping at Hyde Park Walmart London , Ont ., this morning and very upset with the customer service .
I had purchased 36 items for a total of $143.66 . I brought my own bags and bagged my own purchases as the cashier stood there with her arms crossed and did nothing to help . There were people in line behind me who were getting frustrated . The cashier just stood there . When I was finished I made it a point to inform her that there once was a time when the clerks helped out and that this was not customer service . She informed me that they do not help unless asked and that they can not help fill my reuseable bags . They could only help fill wal mart reusable bags. I then proceeded to customer service to vent . The person there gave me basically the same story .

Suggested solution:

First of all , if you do not offer to help the customer and then offer reasons for not helping then don't wear the yellow vests that say We are here to help ! Not True !!
They should have offered assistance when they could see that I was slow and struggling .
That is customer service !!

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