Vinted complaint: Vinted released fund to scam seller and refusing to issue my refund

Complaint from Jkim reported on 11 August 2023 about Vinted

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My complaint:

I returned an item that was not as described. The swimsuit has multiple snags, stains and missing pad insert. The seller admitted and thus accepted the return however once I returned the seller falsely claimed the item was ‘used’ and Vinted immediately released the fund to the seller and the transaction was marked as completed. Absolutely absurd and after when I provided all evidence that the seller was lying they refused my refund when they were at fault by releasing the fund to the seller already. Vinted support is the worst and why charge buyers ‘buyers protection fee’ when there is ABSOLUTE NO PROTECTION AT ALL. Where is my refund?!!! Support also had the audacity to say it was my fault as I ‘personally’ completed the transaction myself when I did not even have the chance to dispute the sellers claim of the item being sent back “used” as vinted sided with them over no proof at all.

Suggested solution:

Issue my refund and apologise.

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