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Complaint from mary862235 reported on 19 February 2024 about Vinted

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My complaint:

Dear VINTED UK Authorised,

As a seller on the Vinted platform, I would like to let you know that I have some concerns about my products and services. Specifically, I am selling and have taken boxed pictures of some women’s panties. The pictures were taken to show the colours, patterns and sizes of the products and the opened product is not for sale. However, I have found that this has resulted in my account being permanently closed.

In this case, I have a few questions and requests:

1- Why is my account being closed permanently? I only take pictures of my products to show them for customer satisfaction and to ensure that the features of the products are fully understood.

2- I am a five star seller with around 900 customers and my customers are satisfied with the products I sell and my product descriptions. This should not be a reason to close my account.

3- There are many accounts on the Vinted site that are sold open or even unboxed. I have taken and saved these as pictures, but although you attach great importance to customer satisfaction and I have explained it, I have not been able to find them.

4- I request that my account be reopened and I want this petition to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, I would like to state that I will use my legal rights to claim the damage I have suffered from you.

If my account is not reactivated within 7 days after receiving this letter, I will apply to the judge and I would like you to know that I will claim the damage I have suffered.

I am waiting for an urgent solution on this issue. Thank you in advance for your understanding and quick response.

Hayriye Atay

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