Viagogo complaint: Cancelled order 4 before event

Complaint from ZOneill reported on 20 July 2023 about Viagogo

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My complaint:

I bought two tickets to Tomorrowland from their website. I asked them to be delivered to my home address and they sent them to my hotel address where I’ll be staying for the event. They were meant to include wrist bands for the event also so it was important they were delivered to my home address to we had everything for the event. They sent Via DHL and not FedEx as paid an extra €60 for Fed ex express delivery and claimed they couldn’t be shipped via Fed ex because they don’t have it in USA- isn’t Fed ex a USA company lol? anyway hotel ed they received paper tickets, and then Viagogo sent an email saying the order could not be fulfilled. However we have the paper ticket waiting for us at the hotel so is this a scam or what? The paper ticket is useless as

Suggested solution:

When I get my tickets in my name

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