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I am formally filing a complaint against Uber as a driver. DO NOT DRIVE FOR UBER!!! They DO NOT HONOR THEIR QUEST PROMOTIONS and they screw their drivers over. I have been driving for almost 2 weeks with Uber. I have tried to participate in 2 quests, and both were pulled a day early, which consequently cheated me out o $180 in bonuses! I have tried to argue with them on the phone for hours today, to no avail. It is no wonder that they have such a poor rating with the BBB! According to Uber’s math, a 4 day quest must be completed in 72 hrs (3 DAYS, not 4 days, like WORLDWIDE CALENDAR MATH would lead you to believe!!!!). IF you post a quest that is supposed to run for 4 DAYS, starting at 0400 on a Friday morning, then that quest would end on 0400 the following TUESDAY morning! THAT IS 4 CALENDAR (24hr) DAYS!!!!! DO NOT bother with trying to reason with the idiots in customer service. They seem to believe that a 72 hour period is 4 days. Example: I signed up for a quest on Uber. My goal or quest was to complete 50 trips in 4 days, starting at 0400 on Friday morning. I busted my ass to complete this, and as of 2 am this morning my app showed me to be on DAY 4 of this quest, with 3850 trips completed. So I get up later this morning thinking I would be able to go out and complete the last 12 trips to finish the quest. Right? WRONG, according to the idiots at Uber. Apparently from Midnight to 4 am (in who knows WHAT time zone) counts as the 4th day. Now had I KNOWN that I was going to get screwed AGAIN by Uber, I would have pushed through being sick on Saturday night and I would have gotten my usual 12-16 trips in, and I would have had the required number done, and Uber would have found some other way to screw me out of it anyway….. So if you attempt to do a quest, you can rest assured that Uber will not honor it. IF I attempt any other quests, I will in the future be photographing EVERYTHING as evidence!!!!!! It is highly unlikely that I will continue to work for Uber much longer, except on my terms. I will likely drive very little, and will focus more on driving for Lyft. Lyft to my knowledge has not attempted to screw me out of any money like this. I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to drive doing rideshare consider using Lyft and STAY AWAY FROM UBER!!!!!

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Suggested solution:

2. LEARN HOW TO DO SIMPLE MATH!!!!! 4 am Friday to 4 am Monday is NOT 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!
3. LEARN HOW TO WRITE SIMPLE ENGLISH!!!!!!! IF you are going to end a quest in 3 DAYS, then list the quest as running for 3 DAYS, NOT 4!!!!!!!!! (REFER BACK TO 1 2)
4. PAY ME FOR the bonus that you (UBER) SCREWED ME OUT OF!!!!!
5. PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to ME and ANY OTHER drivers out there that you have screwed over this way!
6. PAY ANY OTHER DRIVERS that you have screwed over this way the money that you OWE THEM THAT THEY EARNED!!!!

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