Complaint: Driver is lying about me, stating I am not wearing a mask when I am

on 04 January 2021 about Uber in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

Twice in the last 3 weeks, I have had 2 different drivers report me after the ride that I was not wearing a mask when I rode in their car. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE!! I have absolutely no idea why the drivers are doing this, the only thing I can think of is that I have not tipped them because I don’t tip any of the drivers unless they have helped me physically with my groceries or my shopping cart from the farmers market. I always wear a mask and I’m wearing it before I get in the car and I wear it after I get out of the car into my house. Additionally, Uber has a no mask, no ride policy so how is it possible that I would be able to even get into the car if I wasn’t wearing a mask???

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Suggested solution:

They should respond, first of all - they are LOUSY at responding. Uber needs a better system for determining if their drivers are lying. They should take this option off the drivers review of the client, if they have a no mask-no ride policy - then the client shouldn't be able to enter the car and there will be no need for this kind of issue. They should also have a section of their app for this issue because if it has happened to me twice already, it is happening to others. It could appear with the other complaints as My driver said I wasn't wearing a mask when I was.

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