Turo complaint: Price Gouging

Complaint from Turoisfone52 reported on 22 January 2024 about Turo

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My complaint:

Turo has increased their fee prices 100 percent in the past few months. I know of a few other customers who are filing with Florida Attorney General’s Office and I am going to do the same. They according to The Attorney General are guilty of price Gouging and charging holds on [peoples cards for damages where no claims have been filed and are not going to be filed. They also claim to have Travelers insurance you can buy in case of an accident but will not and can not give you that information. See an example attached. Their fees use to be like 10-15 at the max now they are the same as what the host charges for their rental. I am starting a class action suit asap

Suggested solution:

I want them to face the consequences in a court of law civil and criminal. Criminal for fraud for providing and charging people for insurance they don't have it will not provide information for and civil penalties in civil court and class action suit

Price Gouging
Price Gouging
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