Tropical Smoothie Cafe complaint: No Manger No Refund Charged Twice

Complaint from Richmond Bill reported on 07 July 2023 about Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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My complaint:

Using app first time. Ordered 20 minutes early. Got to store and watched over 15 customers order and receive their item. Asked about my order twice. Finally requested refund because app said I needed to talk to the counter for a refund. It appears that everyone is a manager, but no one is in charge. Basically there is no management on site. I asked for names of a manager, and was given only first names I called customer service to report an issue and ask for a refund with no real issues until I got off the phone and checked my bank account and now I have been charged twice. You really get no help from the store. No real customer service? Their just logging information and maybe someday someone would call me. Being a diabetic, I depend upon smoothies for my diet. At this point I would rather die of diabetes then go back into the tropical smoothie.

Suggested solution:

Assure workers have qualified management at store especially at lunch time when really busy.

Make sure customers can receive ation regarding refund instead of employee tossing a ripped open bag at customer and ask him to right name down for refund.

When a customer is entitled a refund, do not charge them twice, which I don’t know how this is possible and I was double charged a different amount than the original charge. I may need to invoke my Bank for fraud!!!!!

And below. I give no stars

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