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I had the worst experience with
My flight was canceled by the airline, it is important to note that when I contacted to ask about the cancellation they did not know about it. I bought two tickets that cost 1111 USD together for a round trip to Delhi. They refunded me 169 for both tickets. They did not give me the option to change to a different flight and threatened me that if I didn’t accept the cancellation, I wouldn’t get any money at all. eventually, when I complained about it, they said they gave me the option and I chose to cancel it. After several conversations with them, which took a lot of time while I was abroad and had to book a flight ticket back home, they waved me off with disappointing emails and $100 in coins that I could use to book a new flight. I paid an additional $400 for the new flight. I feel obligated to warn more people and recommend not to book anything with this company.

Suggested solution:

gave me an appropriate refund

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