TracFone complaint: Horrible!!

Complaint from jwetz reported on 21 November 2023 about TracFone

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My complaint:

It seems every time I try to put time on my device I have problems and have to call them. This time they renewed my number, the same number I have had over 20 years, then told me that it was sold back to the original company. The first time I got a cell phone I got it through AT T but they said they couldn’t tell me who it was. I buy a year plan at a time
and renew it every January but they are telling me it has been over 60 days since it has been active. I asked when the last time I bought time was and they said as part of their NEW policy they couldn’t tell me when it was…..interesting. They told me I could look it up on their app…..HOW AM I SUUPOSED TO DO THAT WHEN YOU TOOK MY NUMBER!! I was also told that the number has been given away so I called it, definitely not given to anyone and has the message about being disconnected through Verizon. I contacted Verizon and they couldn’t tell me anything about the number as they didn’t have it after having to tell him the the number 6 times and wanted to know when I was with Verizon, again I never was. Most horrible company I have ever dealt with and I will not do business with them again and if anyone asked me if i recommended them it would be a NO NO NO!!

Suggested solution:

Give me my number back and tell me when I added time because I know that it hasn't been inactive.

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