TJ Maxx complaint: Bad experience

Complaint from MSBurton reported on 12 November 2023 about TJ Maxx

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My complaint:

I am a drivers who delivers freight to stores in the region. When I arrived at the store I called and let them know I was there. It took Emily about 15 minutes before she came to the door. Once she opened the door I greeted her and she immediately gave me a nasty tone saying, why arent you on the dock? I said, I need you to cut the seal first before I can open the doors then I can back up to the dock. She said, we dont do things like that here. Saying i had to back up to the dock, then they will cut the seal, and then i pull off the dock and open the doors, then back up to the dock again. To a driver that just doesnt make much sense. I have been driving 9 years now and I have never had to do that in my 9 years of driving. Even when I go to other stores with this same type of trailer, they will come out to cut the seal and I will open the doors and proceed to back up to the dock. I was not very happy with my experience there in York PA and whenever I go to any store I always get a good review from the managers and employees. This was my first time interacting with Emily and it wasnt very pleasant.

Suggested solution:

Someone should address the way Emily speaks to people because drivers dont go to stores to encounter bad attitudes. We just want to do our jobs and get on. I do my best to accommodate the stores and their needs. Respect would be great.

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