Complaint: Refund Should Be Honored!

on 27 October 2020 about Ticketmaster in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

March 2,2020 I purchased a ticket and ticket insurance for the Lil Baby Concert. Due to coronovirus the concert was cancelled. Due to the seriousness of the concert I thought they would refund people.

After several months I reached out to ticket master for a refund. Around May. They basically told me it was nothing they could do. The concert was postponed to a later date. They said I could only transfer my ticket to someone else! Excuse me what! Are these people stuck on stupid! The world is at a state of an emergency! Cases are steadily rising and all they care about is keeping people money!

No I don’t want to go at a later date! I just would like a refund! Its been 8 months! Ticketmaster and the promoters of this event should be ashamed of themselves this is ridiculous!

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A Refund should be honored!

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James Swiderski
James Swiderski(@james-swiderski)
8 months ago

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I can file an arbitration claims for a refund. If they don’t refund you it will cost them thousands in costs to fight it. I will take the claim through an arbitration hearing if that’s what they want to do. No money is paid to me unless you agree to a settlement. I charge $200. I will demand this from Ticketmaster along with your refund or we will a case.

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