Ticketmaster complaint: It almost looks like they want to keep my money, not able to give me solutions

on 11 September 2023 about Ticketmaster in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

I used Ticketmaster Canada to get tickets to watch my favorite band perform, I wasn’t a able to make the trip so sadly I had to post my tickets to be sold online. They sold on Ticketmaster resale service, but since I live in Mexico payout got complicated, I asked for a friend to lend me her Canadian checking account and so she did, but it took almost a month for her to get the two small deposits ticketmaster asks to get the account verified, then I tried to input the two small amounts on their website and I kept getting an error.

After getting in touch with Ticketmaster support they suggested to send a check to Mexico, which I accepted, check got to my home address around two months later. Went to the bank to try to cash it and they said they didn’t provide that service and that the check might be lost. So I contacted Ticketmaster support to see if they could make the deposit instead, but without asking me they sent a second check to a different address that used to be my office address, they pull out of the credit card or something, that isn’t my address anymore. So I didn’t got the send check.

After getting in contact with support for at least 30 times because every time I get a different agent so it’s impossible to get a follow up. I’m asking for them to make the direct deposit to my friends account since I’m not able to cash the check.

Ticketmaster now refuses to make a deposit, they say the only way they can pay me is by check (which takes at least 12 weeks plus another month to arrive to my address) and that I can’t change the address for me a at least get the check at my home. Keep in mind my tickets were sold on March, It’s September now and I haven’t been able to get my money back.

They don’t offer me a solution, it almost looks like they want to keep my money.

Order Number is 33-29992
Listing number of the resale is CP320C0BF

I feel so tired and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get someone on their support to help me.

My name is Daniela Cepeda

Suggested solution:

I would really like them to just make the direct deposit to the account that´s already verified and registered on my account details. I don't see what the issue is.

It almost looks like they want to keep my money, not able to give me solutions
It almost looks like they want to keep my money, not able to give me solutions
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