Complaint: Workers stealing furniture

on 18 May 2022 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

We have witnessed multiple occasions where people have backed up to the store donating furniture and the workers instantly put a sold sticker on it for themselves. Today we visited the store and there was an elderly lady trying to buy the furniture a gentleman was donating and the worker instantly put a sold sticker on it and said it’s sold. The man literally just donated it. The workers are taking the furniture for themselves or someone is selling it on the side. They never have furniture available but yet the store stays full of sold furniture. It’s a crooked store. The young worker was putting out shoes one day and as I went to grab 2 pairs of nursing shoes out of the buggy she was stocking with and she said there sold and took them to the front and told the other worker she was going to pay for them after work. How is that right!? The black headed older worker that prices everything and works the cash register puts out rages prices on the items. She prices a buggy full of tball bats for $20 each when they are at Walmart right now for $9.97. She prices all of the bikes that Walmart donates for $100-135 each. That’s ridiculous when it was donated to the store. I really think someone in management should take the time to stop by the store and see how it’s being ran.

Suggested solution:

Stop the workers from taking the furniture that the less fortunate people need. It’s sad

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