The Salvation Army USA complaint: Veterans SSVF

Complaint from Riverciti4U reported on 26 July 2023 about The Salvation Army USA

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My complaint:

Salvation Army USA is Non-Profit 501c3 who’s a Provider of Housing by and through VA Grants called SSVF in Houston, Texas which also receives other Donations to assist Homeless Veterans and those Veterans who are near Homeless etc. with Rents etc. Well on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 my SSVF Case Mgr. with Salvation Army in Houston, Texas delivered me several appliance items which 1 of 3 items was a long awaited SAMSUNG 55 SMART TV I’d chosen above ALL choices remaining within my $1,000.00 Budget of Furnishing for my Housing. However, around 4:57 pm that same day the SAMSUNG BOX denoting Model CU7000B did NOT have a SAMSUNG REMOTE in it. I called SAMSUNG Customer Service whereas they could not replace the Remote without a COPY of the RECEIPT. I immediately prior TEXTED my SSVF Case Mgr. at Salvation Army and called him at said time of 4:57 pm that same day. My Case Mgr. answered as I begin sharing with him of NO Remote and Owners Manual in the Box and that I’d given his information necessary to get said items REPLACED by SAMSUNG. SSVF Case Mgr. ABRUPTLY said Don’t you have those people call me! Don’t the TV have an OFF/ON Button? THEN hung up in my face! Thereafter, I ordered a UNIVERSAL REMOTE from AMAZON, SMART ATTENNA, and TV Console for a 55 TV which arrived that Thursday the next day. After it said and done I could not stand the TV; the legs did not fit; the TV would NOT turn ON and consequently would not turn ON/OFF; and I thought the worst! Therefore, Friday, July 21, 2023 I immediately called SAMSUNG Customer Service which the AI System generated a TICKET which summoned an AUTHORIZED Home Repair and Inspection on the 26th which happened Monday, July 24, 2023 whereas the VERDICT was this was a KNOCK OFF TV of some other sort where they’d taken the SAMSUNG LABEL from the ORIGINAL SAMSUNG PRODUCT and placed onto this KNOCK OFF but too in the wrong location. NOW, I do NOT know IF this SAMSUNG 55 SMART TV was purchased at SAM’s or WALMART without the TICKET NUMBER depicting PROOF-OF-PURCHASE. AS a HONORABLY DISCHARGED U.S. AIR FORCE VETERAN who is starting ALL over again at 64 yo after 5 years of Incarceration and LOST everything including having NOT seen my Family and Friends for nearly 7 years isn’t well! I tried contacting Regional in Dallas, Texas to NO AVAIL! I have SOMETHING in a SAMSUNG BOX which is NOT GOOD in my Unit being part of either FRAUD and/ or THEFT at either SALVATION ARMY level or RETAIL and/ or both which I was told to sign my name to it. I am desperately SEEKING answers. Do I call IRS; Texas Secretary of State; Texas State Comptrollers Office; USDOJ? JUST who do I report THIS SCAM to? I did call the VA OIG and provided a Reference Number.

Suggested solution:

Immediately by replacement with a NEW SAMSUNG 55 SMART TV in the BOX and NOT either USED nor REFURBISHED along with Refunding Money for Out-of-Warranty Servicing by SAMSUNG along with correcting any and ALL malfeasance bearing my ENTITLEMENTS as either a Homeless Veteran and/ or Near Homeless Veteran which either MISSIONED and Governanced by Law. And, Reimburse monies spent at AMAZON.COM for said DISINGENUOUS CLAIMS and the LACK of ETHICS or MORAL JUDGEMENTS.

The Salvation Army USA complaint Veterans SSVF
The Salvation Army USA complaint Veterans SSVF
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