The Salvation Army USA complaint: Unprofessional Rude

Complaint from BLL reported on 16 October 2023 about The Salvation Army USA

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My complaint:

First and last time at this store! I’m 76 yrs old, use a Walker and have a broken shoulder, so my arm is in a sling. We drove about 50 minutes to get there. Having severe incontinence issues, I asked the manager if they have a bathroom. She replied “ yes, but for employees only”. I said, “ I just drove almost an hour to get her and I have incontinence issues, I’m not able to wait and hold it”. She walked away from me. I started to walk away and the “ dam broke loose!” I stood in the aisle and soaked myself! Thank God it didn’t come through my pull-up and heavy duty pad!!! It’s so embarrassing 😢! She could have been polite and said, “it’s just for employees, but I’ll take you back”. What did she think, I look liked a toilet paper thief?? Also, the store is SO crammed full, you can’t see everything that is available because the aisles are blocked. Clothes are displayed by color, and are not displayed according to size. The racks are so full, you can’t even slide a hanger over to look at tops. Thank you for your time

Suggested solution:

Speak to Manager of the store about common courtesy and professionalism dealing with the public!

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