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on 09 June 2022 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

Good morning,

This letter is long overdue. I have been trying to get this letter to someone for six months. I want to inform you about the unprofessional behavior of your manager, Lorissa Padilla, on December 16, 2021. I am attaching our email communications where you can see the last emails in December seemed very unpleasant; at least, that is how I received them.

My daughters attended the sleep-away camp over the summer of 2021. They were registered to attend two camps and were allowed to participate since I paid for both well in advance. However, in July of 2021, they only attended one. Although there was no behavior problem, Joyce Dlugose stated that my oldest complained about the trail, and she recommended that my daughter did not return for the next camp. My youngest ended up at MetLife’s medical facility since she fell ill at an event. Once I said the second camp was already paid for, she instructed me to contact Felix and Lorissa Padilla. I never met the Padillas as Maria Stephenson was still stationed at the Jersey City location when I registered my children for the camp. Mrs. Stephenson was amazing. She was always available and willing to help and transport my children to the camp. She is the reason my children wanted to return. However, our experience with the Padillas was not the same. Although, I was in constant communication with Felix Padilla. He was very understanding but never made himself available to me. I never spoke to Lorissa until the email in December. I made several attempts to pick up my refund from July to December. However, Mr. Padilla would not be there once I arrived, even though we would have scheduled appointments. The staff at the desk was never informed I was coming, and mostly he was not there. The Padillas were not even there to take my children to the camp. Things were never like this when the Stephensons were in the sleep-away camps.

Of course, I am unaware of the communication that transpired between Felix and Lorissa Padilla, but as stated, the duration of time I was in contact with Felix. It got to the point that I called and texted him and would not receive a response. However, I found the emails that Lorissa Padilla sent me very rude and offensive. Her response seemed like I was a bother even though her husband had arranged for me to pick up a refund on July 20, 2021, but never spent time in the Jersey City office to be available upon my arrival. This is why I stated I do not know what conversations the Padillas had about me or what Mr. Padilla was telling Mrs. Padilla. However, I was only doing as I was instructed, and their behavior throughout the time was unprofessional. I never had to come to the Salvation Army to be told, they are not here, when Maria Stephenson was the major at the location. She was always available, especially when I was paying for the requirement for the camp.

I brought the issue of the none response behavior to the Padillas but to no avail. As a result, Mrs. Padilla’s obscene emails made me feel like I did something wrong. Therefore, I hope you try to find a solution and act on it in the best way possible if my children are to return.

I told myself that I would be registered for the camp if the Padillas were still in the location. However, the highly aggressive behavior from Lorissa Padilla was uncalled for and warranted. I do not deserve it nor deserve to be in limbo when I need help. However, I feel bad because my children enjoy their time at the camp. And it is an experience I never had, but I cannot tolerate the Padillas behavior. However, if there is any way my children can be registered elsewhere, I will apply and have all documentation ASAP.

As stated, I never met the Padillas. However, in the emails to Lorissa Padilla, I expressed, I sense hostility, and professionally, she never clarified, which means her part was hostile. I do hope your staff is retrained if not replaced. It is very disheartening to go through this as well as feel mistreated, especially with an organization such as The Salvation Army that I support and have loved throughout the years. I even want to work along with The Salvation Army ministry.

I trust that you will handle this matter amicably. I am looking forward to a positive response.

Suggested solution:

If my children will continue to be allowed to participate in the camp I wish to not have the Padillas in charge of the Jersey City location and deal with employees who are more professional and employees who are trained to know what is protocol and what is going on at the location. The Padillas did not know what was happening and seemed as though they did not want to be working at Jersey City's Salvation Army as if they had much more going on elsewhere.

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