The Salvation Army USA complaint: Inhumane

Complaint from Shabby reported on 11 June 2023 about The Salvation Army USA

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My complaint:

Rats and roaches to begin with!! They hide the desserts in the back pantry for days then serve them to us after expired and wonder why there are rats they check our bags like we are the ones hiding food when in fact it’s the staff they be trying to control us with food I have pictures they also give small portions at dinner time to preserve food for the next 3/4 days when it’s only 5 families in the shelter and they constantly get donations they take home to their own families just to tell us we have to wait until we get more food donations we are out of food!! The monitors keep us locked on the 3rd floor and we can’t get out I personally lost a good paying job due to that and the thing they can do is offer a note to my employer as if it would save my job! The monitors are disrespectful because Mr allows it and tells us we can’t take it over his head because everyone that tries fail this is his shelter and he runs it! If you come to him with a problem he just redirects you to the person/persons that your having a problem with! They tell you your eligible for all these programs and in the same breath tell you your not just to see how they can control you! they bully you so they don’t have to do their jobs and their favorite line is you can discharge yourself with all due repspect pls investigate this shelter before somebody really gets hurt I watched the staff bully 2 families and kicking them out on the streets because the monitors had personal problems the staff at the Salvation Army needs investigation and new staff the mice are too fast to catch on camera

Suggested solution:

Get new staff close down this particular shelter until the rodents are out

The Salvation Army USA complaint Inhumane
The Salvation Army USA complaint Inhumane
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