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on 18 January 2023 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

On January 4th at 7:30 my wife had a seizure and at that time she got to take him to the hospital I had to put our one and a half month old daughter in a vehicle follow the squad and I had a night tour of sweeping and mopping at 9:30 p.m. eastern time well this past week another resident had that tour his name was Patrick and the staff member that dismissed me for missing my chore because I was at the hospital a legit excuse is Amy I think Brandon she’s blonde hair she’s not dismissed me well Patrick had the same chores me this past week and he missed it twice back the back he already had his two used out of his three and when he missed his two chores that led it to four same as me she wrote up his dismissal papers but when he showed up he whined and complained and said I didn’t know I had a tour when it changed and you’re supposed to look daily also she has his dismissal papers wrote up it was getting ready to hand it to him but held on to it and she said I could dismiss you.

Patrick’s response was I have nowhere to go what do I do where am I going to go everything okay Thomas had nowhere to go or anything he was told today not doing chores so Thomas got up pack some stuff and Thomas is now living in his vehicle Patrick on the other hand said where am I supposed to go what am I supposed to do and basically she says I’m giving you a warning and through the dismissal paper away what is messed up in this ordeal is that the same step the one that dismissed Thomas and then you have any interest for anything not Patrick why didn’t you get this mess why is it okay for him to want to complain and say I have nowhere to go and get to say why Thomas is out in the cold I thank you for your time acceleration and with this being done I do think that staff member Amy Brandon does a blonde head Amy I honestly think she’s a loser job and be fired because she’s so favoritism she’s breaking the rules and been in the rules for certain residents and I believe that it’s wrong it’s unfair because other residents are seeing what’s going on and it’s going to cause a chaos and I’ll let you know I hate to do this or say this or go this route but if something don’t get bummed by that staff member either by getting fired then I have no choice but to address what’s being done to me by the me being discriminated against the media is going to know

Suggested solution:

Really how this would resolve my complaint is I think Patrick should be told he needs to be dismissed instead of being able to stay there with four missed chores and I promise should be allowed to come back in the shelter at stat which means as soon as this gets resolved I should be allowed back in the shelter and since this gets resolved by Patrick should be leaving the shelter

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