The Cheesecake Factory complaint: Poor Customer Service | Broken Wine Glass

Complaint from Broken_Wine_Glass_Smashed_And_Splattered reported on 02 February 2024 about The Cheesecake Factory

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My complaint:

Dined on 1/28. Server came to bring our drinks and lost control of her tray and dropped a full glass of red wine on the stone tabletop and it smashed glass all over our table and red wine splattered all over my wife’s pink jacket and white shirt.

Staff was more worried about cleaning up the mess. We had to jump up from the table and try to find another table on our own. No one tried to help us. I had to ask for a manager. The manager came and offered to pay for dry cleaning? Asked what happens when red wine doesn’t come out of pink jacket and white shirt and they said bring a receipt and we will pay for it. So I have to keep receipts for our clothing to get reimbursed?

No offers to comp an appetizer? No offers to comp anything at all? Our ENTIRE table was covered in glass and red wine.

The only staff in the entire restaurant that were concerned was our server… genuinely apologetic and seemed upset. Our server did not deliver or smash the wine glass.

Totally unacceptable response from management in a new store that has only been open a month or two. Unbelievable!

We ate there the night before too. Over $300 for the weekend for dinners and this is how we are treated!

Suggested solution:

We want compensation.

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