Texas Roadhouse complaint: Unprofessional Management Behavior

Complaint from Dermak reported on 25 October 2023 about Texas Roadhouse

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My complaint:

We are not people who normally complain about service and prefer to just stop associating with the offending business. However, in this case, the poor customer treatment and attitude that came from local restaurant service manager (Angie DeJesus) was so reprehensible we must identify this failure to managing partner Tara Wiesman. When we arrived (with children as part of the group) we were inappropriately seated in the bar area. After ordering drinks, we had to return one due to the lack of alcohol put in the cocktail. After a solid hour of waiting for food to deliver, we asked the wait staff how much longer it would be and she just shrugged and walked away. It’s important to point out she was sitting in the booth behind us for 20 minutes chit chatting with a friend prior to being asked about the delivery. It was at this point that we opted to speak to the manager and were treated with disrespect throughout the conversation. Not once did the manager offer any form of apology or remedy and in fact told us we needn’t return. We did not display profane, belligerent, or unprofessional behavior to receive this type of response. If we don’t receive some form of apology and acknowledgment of the unprofessional behavior of the service manager (Angie DeJesus) we and all of our family friends will cease to provide any future business with Texas Roadhouse and affiliates.

Suggested solution:

Acknowledgement of the staff problem and an apology for the unprofessional behavior.

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