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Complaint from Jenxo1989 reported on 20 February 2024 about Temu

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My complaint:

Hi I had contacted Temu regarding my order and they sent me picture delivery so I had asked around as when I got in from work I didn’t see it so I asked around with my neighbours no one seemed to have taken it in. I informed Temu and they just sent me £5 credit for the inconvenience my order was £38.50 and I had reunions of the sort. All they said was there’s nothing they can do but as good will gesture provide me with £5 credit. I emailed them back and now I can’t hear anything back. If this is the service they are giving I’d like a refund from them please

Suggested solution:

By refunding me for my actual order and not insulting me with a £5 credit

Temu complaint Complaint
Temu complaint Complaint
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