Telkom complaint: Broken polymer manhole frame

Complaint from Tammy S reported on 07 March 2024 about Telkom

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My complaint:

On the corner of 51 53 Milkwood Crescent, Sandown Estate, Big Bay Boulevard, Big Bay, the 600mm wide polymer manhole lid in the footpath ‘flips’ when one walks on it and there’s been a few near misses (twisted ankles etc), i.e. it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt!
We investigated, and it’s as a result of a broken frame below the lid, i.e. only part of the ‘lip’ remains intact.

Suggested solution:

replace manhole frame to render installation safe since it's in the middle of the footpath

Telkom complaint Broken polymer manhole frame
Telkom complaint Broken polymer manhole frame
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