Telegram complaint: Criminal activity and Scam

on 19 September 2022 about Telegram in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I am writing to you to REPORT that on some forex signal channels like Forex Signal factory and Vantage Signals are using these channels for criminal and scamming activities behind the Investment plan they offer whichthey should NOT as this is a Signal channel not investment
In simple they hide or not say critical information about the rules before the person makes the deposit making impossible to withdraw funds unless the person deposit more funds! In some cases even if additional funds are deposited the scammer disappears with all the funds. Thiefs
In my case the scammer was Adhil Ammar ( forex factory) and the scam company behind him Home | Apex Capital Investment (
In another case the scammer was Harry ( Vantage) which scam a guy called Alir that also made the extra deposit and than Harry disappeared with his money.
As I am a marketing person it will be my priority to make it main stream and make these Scams of Adverts of Invest plan STOP , I am sure you will receive many other complaints
I do not think Telegram wants to be on the wrong side of this
Please take action ASAP and STOP these Invest scams !
I will also ask some friends Journalist to get in touch with you.
Will await your reply, and if you need more detailed information please ask
This is Adhil ( my scammer)
PLEASE Expell him from Telegram so he will not scam other people
@ADHILAMMAR66 and now changed to @Alberto6616

Suggested solution:

1. Get my fund back
2. Telegram expells the channels and person involved

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