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Complaint from on 03 August 2021 about Telegram in category Social Media

aadi-carder using for this account cheating, he is offers low price in product he told in he is amazon dealer . this offer publish in telegram channel he is admin in one more telegram channel. he is collected from... Read more


Complaint from on 02 August 2021 about Telegram in category Social Media

Please Remove CAS ban From My Account because of this i am not able to join any telegram group or channel . Yes, I had shared the referral link but I did not know that those groups may have restrictions... Read more

Silent recorder

Complaint from on 01 August 2021 about Telegram in category Social Media

Well, the issue is that when you turn on your silent screen recorder, you can view destructive pics and can be saved in gallery, that is a very big problem, I font think many people k ow about this l,... Read more