Complaint: Bot taking money for withdrawal and not paying

on 12 March 2021 about Telegram in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I have bern using this bot @EBilingBot for over a year and every time it as asked for a fee for withdrawal of 1000 trx I have paid it to try and get my trx out then it takes the money and says its an investment. I have been trying to get hold of someone about this since last year. Last week I seen there was a link to contact customer services @Cz_Ebiling about payout withdrawal I was told to pay another 1000 trx which I refused explaining I paid several times in tje past. I was told to produce transaction history which I did and then the blanked me for hold of them again and they said the withdrawal is ready for me to withdraw I clicked on tje withdrawal and it said I will be paid my 13 thousand and odd trx within 24 hours this was 3 days ago still not received and tried to contact @Cz_Ebiling says online recently and phone rings but they never answer. The bot is still in operation on telegram

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Suggested solution:

Pay me what I am owed and stop messing me about. Wallet TN6tqzzQxgpgg8gMFYeKPmYb9Ldk8xqTLD

Bot taking money for withdrawal and not paying
Bot taking money for withdrawal and not paying
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