Swoop Airlines complaint: Tyrant employee

Complaint from brianmattatall2@gmail.com reported on 09 August 2023 about Swoop Airlines

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My complaint:

We were the last one to get on the plane . Lady working. The gate said that she was going to have her bags removed if we were any longer. Our bags did not show up in Hamilton or destination. Filed. The lost bag report when we arrived in Hamilton. Tried calling but no number emailed. Said somebody would get back to us in 48 hours. Still haven’t heard anything when we ride back in Halifax after a trip I took a picture of the tyrant lady. She called the police security. Police officer said there was nothing against taking pictures of her rechecked with the luggage counter. They couldn’t find the baggage and we’re still looking for it now. Nobody’s responded to the emails. They use messenger. No help. There’s things in the bag I need back. Please. Officer said that the bag made it to Hamilton on Saturday. Nobody called no help. Still need the bag back. And I did pay extra for the carry-on and check luggage shirt

Suggested solution:

Well my mother has stage four lung cancer. I was taking scallops and lobster to her that she requested I want to buy the scallops and lobster again and I want them to fly it up and deliver it to her.

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