Complaint: Cricket Advert contains ‘ The POMS’

on 23 November 2020 about SuperSport in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

For a Broadcaster presumably sensitive about all things ‘Racist’. I was surprised you are advertising the forthcoming Cricket games South Africa v England contains references to “The POMS”
References are for the forthcoming and 20-20 World Cup. If the roles were reversed and say BBC in the UK were promoting England against the ‘N worders’ there would be hell to play. Please get your act together and start to ‘lead’ not ‘lag’ the discussion on racism and stop all references in poor taste.

For your reference POM is an Australian insult levelled at the British contingent but I tell you it is outlawed now in Australia to the point you can loose your job if said within the Australian work place. POM (or rather POHM). Stands for ‘Prisoner of Her Majesty’ emblazoned on the back of Convicts jackets transported from Britain to Australia. You could therefore say that its the Australians who are the POMS as opposed to the English. Either way its a derogatory term and should be avoided please especially on an International Network such as yours.

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Sort out the adverttake it down.

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