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Complaint from on 22 February 2021 about SuperSport in category Broadcasting Network

Please could you tell me why we are not seeing the Tour of the UAE live or even a delayed broadcast? It is part of the major events which your adverts along with Marriott say we will see. Read more


Complaint from on 17 February 2021 about SuperSport in category Broadcasting Network

Is Supersport punishing us for having the Compact Package ? Showing Liverpool game tonight on 203, but won't show the Barcelona game on any of the other channels available. Rather you will repeat old games on these channels. Who are you... Read more


Complaint from on 09 January 2021 about SuperSport in category Broadcasting Network

on supersports news we always read about overseas news, where is our local soccer news i feel that we promote other continent or country brand while its us the South African who paying or subscribed to those channels. when... Read more