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on 22 January 2022 about SuperSport in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am a sport-lover and regularly make use of your Supersport Active App.
I am often more confused with inaccurate information or right now the incomplete information on the 7’s Rugby. Currently, the Supersport app shows that there are only 3 pools; i.e. Pool A, B C.
Pool D consists of France, Kenya, Canada Wales. Your app isows no Pool D.

This is but one of countless frustrations I experience.
As a company that professes to bring you all the latest and best sport in the world, I feel your app does not bade well for keeping with this fundamental.

The Premier League soccer Table has suddenly disappeared off the app. How is that even possible. On that note, there are 20 PL teams.
Why would you not insert rankings, as, when you scroll down, you actually need to manually count the rankings as the screen only displays 9 names at a time..

I can point out many mistakes and shortcomings, which would, if improved, vastly improve user experience.

The U19 Cricket World Cup fixture and results list. Take a look at how that reads…because they find it necessary to enter on each entry; Under -19s, it often cuts off the team they are playingplayed.

I don’t believe that I can be the only guy to pick up and report on these issues. Would really appreciate if Supersport can pay more attention to this issue, as the credibility of the App has dwindled quite significantly in my book, and I have now, for the first time decided to vent my frustration.

Suggested solution:

Be true to your core purpose and let the information on your app, be top notch, complete and credible. Also let some thought go into it as I believe, - if I were running it, it would compliment your sport-spread and not lack in any way

InaccurateIncomplete information
InaccurateIncomplete information
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