Super 8 Motels complaint: rudest customer service i have ever seen

on 10 August 2022 about Super 8 Motels in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Monday after 3 they took out 166 out of my account Tuesday, they put it back then proceeded to take 97 out then Wednesday morning she took another 97 out then banged on my husband’s door telling him that the bank said it was insufficient and told my husband to get the fuck out of the hotel and called the cops after being in the lobby and i was on phone the payment was taken out of the bank i never heard such a rude person for hotel hospitality in my life do you ever send someone secret in to check in to see how these people represent your company in your main lobby she is dropping the f bomb telling him to get the fuck out after payment was made do you treat all your customers like this. after so many times of taking money out putting it back in taking it out banks thinks it fraud now a days for these people representing your company i would be embarrassed my husband couldn’t even talk to her that’s how loud and degrading, she was i wouldn’t recommend this hotel to my worst enemy this lady is inconsiderate rude just a plain ass hole sat my phone down and i could hear her as i was checking bank to send my husband proof that it came out

Suggested solution:

my husband should be given two free nights for this bullshit after he just worked 12 hours you need to teach her about hotel hospitality cause obviously, she has no experience in this department this is not th3e type of person i would want to represent my company that for sure reservation number is 594651377 your company is rude as hell maybe you should hire people just to stay at your hotels to see how people are treated i would be embarrassed this is your name she spreading like this i do have pictures on my phone about the amounts should be two pictures my husband was degraded by your hotel and its disgusting

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