Sunbeam Bread complaint: Texture has changed.

on 04 May 2022 about Sunbeam Bread in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I have been a faithful customer of Sunbeam bread for decades. In fact if the store does not have it in stock I will not buy any other bread. BUT, now I am upset with the texture of the bread. Something is wrong ! It does not toast up as usual and my sandwiches do not taste the usual deliciousness I expect. One of the first changes I noticed is that the SLICES of the bread are way too thin. I am used to the thicker slices of the bread. WHY did you change this??? You screwed up a great product and it changed everything. I will no longer will buy this product and will search for a better one. I hope you change back to the original. If it aint broke don’t fix it. Shame on who made this decision.

Suggested solution:

Change the bread recipe and thicker slices back to the way it used to be. Some people won't complain, so you do not know why sales are down. Well this is the reason. By changing the slices to be thinner to change the calorie content was a bad decision.

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Dave (@guest_5986)
5 months ago

The texture is definitely different – and not as good.

C J (@guest_6773)
17 days ago

I agree. It is definitely been different for at least a year now, maybe longer.