Complaint: Treatment by an employee and security patrol

on 01 September 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I had two incidents at this location where I felt like an employee was suspicious of me. First incident two weeks ago I was at the self check in and I got some message on the screen to check with the attendant. As soon as the attendant came over the message disappeared. Next, after I had paid, with cash, got a receipt and was packing my food in bags the attendant came over and asked if I paid. I said yes and she put some card in the machine to waive whatever she thought she was seeing. I left and thought nothing of it. An incident today occurred where I was at the self check-in, paid for my groceries, packed them, got an attendant asking if the coupons on top of the machine were mine and I said no. I left and outside as I was packing the groceries in my car, a security patrol car, stopped across from me, flashed lights and honked horn, but guard never came out. I drove away and as I started out on union turnpike the same patrol car came behind, it was rush hour so we were going slow. I had to make a left on Woodhaven blvd and as I did, the security patrol car was on my tail, blinked the lights and honked horn again. I kept driving since the guard was not attempting to stop or grab my attention or driving alongside. I slowed down further to give the guard a chance again to stop me but same reaction. Finally, the guard made a right on another street and left.

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Suggested solution:

I think they should teach their employees not to be so suspicious or if this is just plain racism or harrassment, those employees should be fired if they don't take sensitivity training seriously.

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