Stop and Shop complaint: store handling of ordering products

Complaint from reported on 20 March 2024 about Stop and Shop

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My complaint:

Your store in Clinton Ct has seriously gone downhill. I have been a customer since the store opened in the 80s. I go in now and find products I used to get have been discontinued or replaced. For instance I went in today to get corned beef and you had none. It’ St Patricks Day for god’s sake. So I figured I’d get corned beef at the deli. None. You’ve done away with all French’s dressings. If I decide to get pizza crust (to be baked) they never have the same crust twice. Also your prices are disgusting. I like to buy Rao’ s pizza and you’ve priced it $2.00 more than any other store in the area. You’ve stopped carrying Heinz mustard. At Thanksgiving i couldn’t even buy a rutabaga. You never have herbs in the store. Only a few picked over packages. The only thing that keeps me going there are the people that work there.. They’re like family. And your deli is amazing other than not having corned beef for St Patricks Day. I’m very disappointed. If this keeps up I’m going to have to switch to another store. Get your heads out of your butts and straighten out your mess.


Mary Edwards

Suggested solution:

Put someone in charge of ordering for the stores that knows what they're doing

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