Stop and Shop complaint: Elder Discrimination

Complaint from vessli reported on 03 November 2023 about Stop and Shop

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My complaint:

My elderly parents were checking out at Stop and Shop at approx 7:30pm on Nov 2, 2023. At the checkout, my father was standing in front of the card reader which someone needed to access. A customer asked him to please move, but as he is hard-of-hearing at 78yrs old, he did not. Two employees of Stop and Shop became derisive and rude, telling him he needed to get out of the way — he did not know what was going on.
My mom slowly realized what was happening and told the employees they were being rude, and that he is hard-of-hearing. Instead of backing down, they then turned on her and said she should have been paying attention and should have made him move.
It was an ugly experience for my parents, who have been regulars there for many years. They should feel safe and supported shopping for groceries, and shouldn’t feel like the employees there will target them and disrespect them because of their age and disability. Very sad and disappointing.

Suggested solution:

Apologize to my parents, and assure them that they provide training to employees on respecting patrons with disabilities.

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