Stop and Shop complaint: Customer Service

Complaint from Tracey a reported on 15 February 2024 about Stop and Shop

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My complaint:

I shop at stop and shop faithfully. Today I had experienced the worst customer service. My first experience was as I came down the pasta isle, there were three workers stocking shelves. Their carriage was on one side of the isle and they were on the other chit chatting with one another. I had to squeeze by and as I did I let them know I was there and said excuse me I’m right behind you. They never responded as if I was invisible and here I am saying excuse me, they should have been the one’s saying that to me. Next, I was in the freezer section, choosing ice cream. There was a worker opening each door and taking a picture. She came to where I was and walked in front of me opened door and took a picture I had to move out of her way, if I had she would of stepped on my toes. She never even acknowledge my presence. I then proceeded to cash out. The light for number two was lit, but as I entered there was no one there. I backed out going to another register and she said here I am. I said ok, she said sorry, I’ve got pregnancy brain. I said ok, and we had small talk as I loaded me items on belt. I had also informed her I was not able to load my digital coupons and I would need her to help me with that. I had my own bags so I started bagging my items. She started tossing my items at me, like I was at Aldi’s. When she finished ringing my items up, she called for manager to add my digital coupons, while waiting for manager, she leaned back crossed her arms and waited for him. I was left there bagging all my items. She never lifted a finger. I’m not sure if it’s the younger generation, but the customer service I experienced today was unexceptable. They were down right rude.

Suggested solution:

They need to have some further training on customer service and Stop and Shop's mission statement. It's truly a shame theses are basic people skills, being polite and acknowledge their customers. They represent Stop and Shop.

Stop and Shop complaint Customer Service
Stop and Shop complaint Customer Service
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