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I bought chicken breast on sale for about nine dollars a package but here use to be four breast in a pack now there are three. the breast are bigger than a turkey breast. I don’t even want my money back it was all about the eggs i used to bread the chicken, the bread crumbs i waisted, the half hour to cube the chicken, the olive oil i waisted and the pot and dishes i had to wash after cooking the first batch and tried a peace of chicken that I could not even chew because it tasted like grissle, this is not the first time and my mother inlaw and my brother had the same complaint within weeks of each other. I always buy your pre cooked chicken wings and they are good but two weeks before getting the worst chicken i have ever had you were out of wings and i bought breast and thighs and could not even chew them, I threw out ten dollars worth of chicken after my cats would not even eat it, what are you people thinking, you are buying junk to make money and don’t care about a nice product. maybe you need to try your chicken breast yourself and see what a bad product your selling, I have researched this problem and found the problem maybe you should to, Its how there raised and what they feed them, its not steroids is food that makes them fat fast and tough as leather with no taste, this problem is spreading fast and need attention, I’m twenty bucks in the hole not to include my time and other products i waisted, I don’t wan’t my money back I want a good product not junk so you can make more money and screw the consumers, you use to sell White Gem and decided to go to a bad product to make more money, I will not along with a few friends will never buy chicken breast from you again, along with you never have jumbo pasta shells or manicotti shells a major dish people love, but I have no problem getting them at other local markets, if you can’t produce what people want you are going down hill quick and thats the word on the street, if you don’t think what I’m telling you is true the numbers will tell you soon enough

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read it and fix it.

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