Steam complaint: Hacked Account

Complaint from reported on 25 October 2023 about Steam

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My complaint:

My 12 year old son has had his profile hacked.  I have the profile information of the 2 individuals concerned.  They told him they were from Steam and that he had to pay 50 euros to avoid his account being locked.  Fortunately I stopped him paying the money but they have accessed his account and blocked it.  When we try and log in to receive support, it just says the email and password are not recognised. 
Please advise whether his account can be reactivated and how we go about reporting the hackers.
I am very concerned that Discord allows these hackers to have access to minor children and how difficult it is to receive support from steam. 

Suggested solution:

Activate the account so that we can change the log in information and my son can still access his purchased games.

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