Stater Bros. Markets complaint: Discrimination

Complaint from Tatted up reported on 14 January 2024 about Stater Bros. Markets

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My complaint:

Hello, my name is akiem… I’m filing this complaint, because of a very sad experience that I’ve had with one of your employees by the name of Eldie I believe her name was. Caucasian lady with blonde hair. Possibly a manager.. Long story short I had bad vibes with her while I was at the counter checking out. I purchased about 90 bucks worth of food while there.. I had a basket inside of my shopping cart while checking out. On my way out the door I was looking at the cashier lady through the reflection, watching me all the way out the door not sure why. She stopped me outside the double doors she stopped me because there was a pack of wipes on the bottom of my cart that I completely forgot about Witch she saw and asked me about them. I told her I didn’t need them. I was already checked out. She said OK no problem. I thought that should have been the end of that until she started to go through my bags in my cart while asking me and I quote.( you didn’t take anything else did you) she tried to say it lol like she wanted me to hear it, but not really. At that time after moving my bags around looking under them, she took the red basket out of my cart as that’s why she came outside. It all happened so fast I couldn’t believe, that just happened. I walked back inside of the store to get her name because of what she said to file a complaint on her. And here we are. I did speak to a guy named Matthew when I called the store soon as I got home to get my report on record and he didn’t even bother to get my information for a callback. All he told me was he was checking the cameras to see what happened. As you’re facing the store, I was walking out the doors on the right side. Everything is on camera what happened… I told I will be contacting the general manager to let him know but all he had was information for the store manager at this location. I told him I will be calling to speak with the store manager and filing a complaint on her for discrimination. I didn’t see her do that to anyone else’s other than mine. It was because of my appearance, and at this day and age it shouldn’t be that way, but unfortunately there’s ignorant people still out in this world that don’t know any better.. I will be moving forward with this complaint, and possibly contacting a lawyer…. completely uncalled for. Ever since I moved out here to Temecula, I stand out like a sore thumb and I am either being followed or stared down every time I go somewhere.

Suggested solution:

They can’t

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