Square complaint: Unlawful Holding of Funds

Complaint from ANF reported on 22 June 2023 about Square

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My complaint:

I opened up a Square account in January 2023 to process payments for my interior design business. In March I processed the first and only payment through Square for $2,000. On March 7, 2023 I received an email stating that they needed additional information from me and to sign in and provide, which I did. I then received an email stating my account was in review and a little while later that it had been deactivated due to information provided about my business. The email stated funds would be held for 90 days and then deposited. I tried to call and speak to someone as I was confused as to why funds were being held however my phone number had been blocked. I decided to patiently wait the 90 days even though I needed the funds as this is my source of income. On June 5, I received another email stating the funds were being held for another 30 days due to a recent chargeback. I’ve only processed one payment and my client, who I’m still working with has not filed a chargeback. I again tried to reach someone but my number was blocked and I had to call from another number. Once I got through to someone I was told a rep would reach out. I received an email on June 5, 2023 asking for information associated with my account which I provided. I have reached out several times since and still have not received a response.

Suggested solution:

Deposit my funds into my account immediately

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