Square complaint: Square holding all funds and deactivating account

Complaint from dbllngs reported on 13 December 2023 about Square

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My complaint:

I set up an account with Square to process payments specifically for Spa Finder Gift Cards. The account processes them seamlessly. I began in May 2023 and the funds never transferred to my account. I kept thinking I had something set up wrong and kept trying different settings and re-entering my account info. When I finally gave up and called them to ask for help setting up, they said they would have to refer me to another department higher up for review and they would email me. I instantly received an email stating my account has been deactivated. They stated that my funds will be released in February of 2024. (This was November 8, 2023).

No explanation…nothing. Every time I call they say the decision is final. They will not forward me to a supervisor or anyone else… Always…the decision is final. I even had my banker call them and tell them the code and laws stating this is illegal to hold the funds for 10 months. I cannot speak with anyone and they only send generic email saying account is deactivated. They are holding over $5K of my money and I am a small, local business…this is literally my payroll. I do not know what else to do. How are they legally allowed to do this?

Suggested solution:

Transfer funds today.

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