Singapore Airlines complaint: Refused to compensate the costs

Complaint from Disgrunted Customer reported on 02 November 2023 about Singapore Airlines

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My complaint:

Seats that we paid for and ed very much earlier had been unfairly re-assigned later on to another person who was their preferred customer without first obtaining our consent or approval; SIA customer service initially informed us the seat was reassigned due to flight schedule change but it turned out to be false. When they realized, they were wrong, they subsequently changed their position to cancellation and re-booking of our flight by their customer service agents. We did not cancel the flight but it was an error committed by their customer agent. . When the customer service agent re-booked our flight they ensured us that our original seats selection would be the same. We periodically checked with the customer service agents to ensure that our original seats selection were intact. They ed and re-ed that our original paid seats were unchanged. We also went on to their on-line booking website to that our original seat selections remained intact. On checking in (2 days before flight), we discovered that one of our paid seats was re-assigned to another customer without our prior knowledge and approval. We discovered our seat was re-assigned to a standard seat to the back of the plane. Immediately. we called the customer service agents on the phone to reinstate our paid seats back but they refused to do it. The customer service agents on the phone did not converse well in English and they gave us all the wrong information about the seat change. It was extremely difficult to get through to them on the phone and we had to wait for a long time before we could speak to someone. The duty manager at airport informed us our paid seat had been changed last minute due to a preferred customer had kicked us out due to his importance. It was unprofessional and unethical for them to do that. We had to fight and argue fervently all the way through at each encounter. Even at the gate, we had to fight and argue to get our seat back after seeking approval from the preferred customer. Escalated the complaints to the senior management (CEO) several times who did not even respond to our complaints.. Actual costs incurred to resolve the airline mistakes amounted to SGD429.65 and they only agreed to issue a voucher of SGD75 which is inadequate to compensate for the actual costs incurred. Moreover, it does not include the additional inherent cost of lost vacation time and stress/frustrations to deal with their mistakes that they had created for us unnecessarily. Customer service investigation focused mainly on the outcome but do not provide fair customer resolution to their mistakes they had committed. The last response received from the customer service agent was that they are happy with the investigation and no further communication and action would be taken i.e. refused to address their mistakes committed and refused to compensate the costs that we had incurred.

Suggested solution:

Reimburse us the fullcosts that we incurred to rectify their mistakes of SGD 429.65.

Refused to compensate the costs
Refused to compensate the costs
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