Simplii Financial complaint: Locked access to my account based on false accusations

Complaint from Raybro reported on 30 March 2024 about Simplii Financial

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My complaint:

Called simplii’s customer support to ask about my chequin account, if US funds can be deposited into my account, as my account is in cdn currency. Then, I was passed on to the manager at the call center who accused me of having a business funds being deposited into my personal chequing account. I explained that these funds were not from a business transaction but are donations I received from people who view my videos on (a video hosting platform)

The amount I’ve received is approximately $3500.00 over a two year period. Regardless of what I said, she directly said I don’t believe you and then the call energy escalated to a nazi like authority attitude and I hung up. This manager immediately without my knowledge, lock my bank accounts funds on a Friday (easter Friday) and later that day I declined access my funds via a debit transaction.

Then I’m told the fraud department will contact me within two business days. Since it’s Friday 29th of March, the cdn bank is close and then two more days of weekend brings us to April 1, 2024 (a total of 5 days with no access) and bills are due and I cannot pay them. Damaging my credit rating if that over a false assumption that a manager who didn’t believe what I was saying, which is the truth.

This is unacceptable to freeze bank account funds merely on an assumption. I demand that my account be immediately unlock and I be compensated for any financial damage that may occur from this action. Oh and I am retired on a small pension which I also cannot access.

Suggested solution:

unlock my banking access so that I may have money to pay for my bills and food.

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