Complaint: Very Rude People work here.

on 16 March 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I went out of my way Literally (Walked 3.5 k, in the winter and I’m in my 70s) to shop at Steinbach’s one and only Shoppers Drug Mart. I was looking for a number of product expecting to pay About $110. They were out pf potassium supplements, which I need. Not the first time, they were out of stock on something I needed that was important medically. This has happened more than once. I continued shopping, when I was finished I went to the till. No one was there. This about 3:45 PM Tuesday March 16th. A person arrived shortly and muttered something at me that I did not hear, after about two tries still muttering she asked me if I needed bags. I said no but I want to show you a text on my phone. She said let me see your credit card first. She wanted to see if it works. It was an Optimum card. She aske me how much I wanted to redeem. I said nothing I have a text I need to scan. She asked me again in a loader voice how much I wanted to redeem. I said just a minute and tried to pull the text from my phone. The phone said no internet and I could not retrieve the Text. She was very rude and said we don’t have internet you have to use your own internet. She further told me that no Shoppers in Canada has internet which I found difficult to believe. The text gave me 25,000 bonus points if I spent $60. I said calmly told her that I wouldn’t purchase anything an was going to walk home which I did and told the story to my wife. She told me that the owner of that store was at fault and we can shop on line.

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Nothing, I will shop on line with Amazon in future and if I have to go to Shoppers I will drive to Winnipeg. This is not the first time that a cashier from this store has been rude and not the first time they have bee out of stock. But this is something you should be aware of. The rude cashers are older women, Stop sending me emails or texts, if you persist I will seek legal advice.

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