Shoppers Drug Mart complaint: Very inconvenient

Complaint from Liseanne2275 reported on 17 May 2023 about Shoppers Drug Mart

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My complaint:

This shoppers drug mart has been decreasing for customer care. Pharmacy is just plain awful.. u call ahead for prescription and never ready once we pick (2 days ahead) and to boot not full prescription giving 6 tablets and should be 84.. then when you call that store the line is always down meaning busy all day. Then once they it’s rings they never answer.

There isn’t enough people working in the pharmacy.. always a long line up and most people has issues with group plan and take 10 times to go to make sure it’s working. This service sux big time and it’s very upsetting when u plan ahead you don’t get the service we are suppose to get. Thus store needs to get shut down. Too many people steal and stuff get away with murder. Something needs to be done to this store. Several complaints has been made and nothing gets done.

Suggested solution:

Hire more people. Get full subscription and maybe have someone that take calls only.

Shoppers Drug Mart complaint Very inconvenient
Shoppers Drug Mart complaint Very inconvenient
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