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on 11 October 2020 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

Suggest avoid this pharmacy or whole store altogether. They are not able to fill a prescription which was faxed in by my doctor yesterday to start antibiotics right away. I called more than 15 times yesterday to the store and no one was able to pick up the phone. I just wanted to know if they successfullly received it and leadtime for my prescription to be filled. I could not talk to anyone. If I were the pharmacy team, as a prescription could be anything life and death, I suggest the management to consider a performance pledge, at least upon receipt of the prescription, give patient a call if the wait time is longer than usual. Allow the patient to decide to wait, go somewhere else or go to the hospital.
This morning I managed to speak to their pharmacy team. At first he said he has not receive the prescription, on his second trial he said he did. I complaint and asked what happened. He said he does not know. I wish to speak to the manager about this, he said I have to call back Tuesday.

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Suggested solution:

Resolution: Every night before closing, should pharmacy team check outstanding prescriptions on file, plan or make a note so staff to come in next morning should give patient a call and update whether patient is ok and still wants it filled;
Is there a proper protocol how to treat an unfilled prescription rather than let it sit whole night without attending to it, until the next 24 hours the patient inquired? The pharmacy team who spoke with me just asked if I still wanted it filled or not? Should this be the right work ethics?
I went to hospital this morning and got treated. As one of medication on that prescription was to start antibiotic treatment yesterday hope I could feel better go back to work Tuesday. But there was a day delayed to their negligence.
What if I was infected with Covid because I visited a hospital? Shouldcan I sue this Shoppers Drug Mart? What if I don't feel better Tue due to the delay take the medication and lose my job, can I sue Shoppers Drug Mart?
The fact that no one answer the phone call all day yesterday, neither the pharmacy team nor customer service? If they are short handed, should management do something about this?
How: Whoever gets the prescription faxed over by the doctor should assess the workload, ensure it can be deal with before end of day. If not, should call the patient and discuss if the patient wants to visit other pharmacy?

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