Complaint: Flu shot disorganization

on 16 November 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

Totally disorganized and very inefficient

There at 11:00 – number 3

Took about 34 of an hour

No space allocated for people arriving or waiting for shots

Crowd drew to about sixteen people mulling around

After registering with the pre-registration on line form was given a number

They then proceeded to work through the line registering about ten people before the pharmacist went into the back room and took about another fifteen minutes before they started to give shots

Took 45 minutes – with a crowd that increased to sixteen people at one point- stood around – some asking what to do- others waiting for a number to be called

Absolutely what generally is referred to as a cluster F

Everyone standing around and nothing good to be said about what was happening

I generally don’t complain but when I see total disorganization with an obvious lack of preparation in advance and inadequate space dedicated to a service I feel obliged to express my opinion

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Suggested solution:

1. More staff
2. Create space for lines- chairs- for people that have a number
3. Post estimated waiting times
4. Separate ques for those registered and those waiting to register
5. Set up an organizational protocol for flu shots
6. dedicated waiting space for the 10 minute after shot mandatory in store post shot wait

Flu shot disorganization
Flu shot disorganization
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