Complaint: awful customer service

on 13 May 2022 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I was at this store yesterday for seniors discount day. I bought several items. This store used to have 3 or 4 checkout counters with staff and a few self-serve checkouts. Now they have 1 cashier and many self-serve checkouts. The line for the cashier was all through the store. People probably waiting more than 12 hour. I decidied to us ethe self-serve. When I got the the pay part there was no way to get my discount. I pushed the get help button over 7 times. 2 other ladies also needed help. No one came until about 10 minutes later and he was not there for us. He told me that you can’t get the discount at the self check-out. You have to get a staff member to do it for you. But there are no staff. Someone should be at the self check out to help. Unfortunately if you want to get your senior discount you are not comfortable with self check-out you need to line up for a very long time. I understand from friends in Toronto that this is happening to many Shoppers stores. This is customer service at its worst It will be a long time before I ever shop at Shoppers again

Suggested solution:

bring back satff. Man the checkouts - especially on senior Thursdays

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